Hummingbird Bed & Breakfast

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Hummingbird Bed and Breakfast


Hummingbird Bed and Breakfast is located on a romantic canal in Nueva Vallarta. When you first walk in you just go AHHHH. Hummingbird has striking  stained glass windows arched with natural wood. Serene gardens inside and out serve many hummingbirds and other native birds.

A huge lawn with several relaxing sitting areas and a large refreshing pool grace our backyard.

At Hummingbird Bed And Breakfast we offer a unique twist on your B&B stay. We know that people often stray from healthy eating when on vacation. We offer a healthful twist on vacation foods with organic homegrown vegetables (when in season) and herbs prepared in such a way you won’t feel guilty. When our own vegetables are not in season we rely on Organic Select, a local organic farm that is an excellent source of organic whole foods and products for the whole Vallarta area.

We have 2 rooms to rent and 1 suite complete with a sunken Jacuzzi and private balcony.

There are several outside sitting areas and we have an internet media center. WiFi is available in all rooms.

We will have a Manicurist, Pedicurist, or Masseuse come right to you should you desire.


- Located just 1 block away from a the Vallarta Adventures tour departure point. We can help you arrange any activities you desire, and customize your activities to suite your specific needs.

- El Tigre Golf Course is conveniently located nearby.

- We have bicycles for you who like peddling around on your own.

- Rental vehicles available.
(please ask about insurance requirements and make arrangements for these when you make reservations)

AND for you who are really adventurous we have ocean kayak rentals.

The Vallarta area is full of so many adventures, come and enjoy them with us!.

I’m Candace Collins, your host, and I will help make your visit to Vallarta one to remember.




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